PT Partners

Grassroots Organizing in the Black Feminist Tradition

Justice & Community for PT Barnum Residents

PT Partners (PTP), a grassroots, resident-led, community organizing non-profit, aims to rebuild community in PT Barnum Apartments, a low-income public housing development in Bridgeport; to develop partnerships with community leaders and organizations; and to attract the funding and resources necessary to enable PT Barnum Apartment residents to proactively engage in making their neighborhood a healthy and safe place to live. Part of creating an environment where residents thrive, is doing away with the efforts of Park City Communities (PCC), the Bridgeport Housing Authority, to dismantle existing community and sow division among residents of this low-income public housing development. PT Partners’ vision is to recreate a PT Barnum community who works together where resident leaders are empowered to actively drive change to break down systemic and institutional oppression in their lives, their neighborhood, and the greater Bridgeport community.

Resident Leaders (Special Projects)

  • Lucy M.
  • Liz M.
  • Shaurice B.
  • Isis W.
  • Dione D.
  • Zaida S.
  • Carmen G.
  • Eucadio C.
  • Zenida G.

Building Captains (Leaders at PT Barnum Apartments)

  • Yessica
  • April
  • Blossom
  • Isis
  • Liz
  • Lucy
  • Shelly
  • Zenida

Executive Committee of PT Partners

  • Don Wilson, Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse and Bridgeport resident
  • Shaurice Bacon, PT Barnum Resident
  • Dione Dwyer, PT Barnum Resident
  • Evelyn Medina, Former PT Resident and Foster Grandparent
  • Carmen Gonzalez, PT Barnum Resident
  • Chinedum Nnodum, Students for Educational Justice and Bridgeport resident

Advisory Board of PT Partners

Allison Feeley LMSW, New Reach
Callie Heilmann, Bridgeport Generation Now
Carolyn Graves, I AM ME
Cheryl Kohler, CT Legal Services
Christina Smith, Groundworks Bridgeport
Don Wilson, Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse
Doran Wright, Neighborhood Church Black Rock
Julian Pierce, Fairfield County Community Foundation
Terri Williams, WorkPlace Bridgeport
The Rev. Cass L. Shaw, The Council of Churches
Tomczak, Stephen M., Southern CT State University
Yolanda Stinson, Youth Build Bridgeport

Email/Donation Address

Resident Leader, Shaurice Bacon, Early April COVID-19 Food Distribution at PT Barnum Apartments

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