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We call on our state and local representatives, community partners, and the news media to get involved with PT Partners’ efforts by supporting resident self-determination. We charge local leaders and council people to advocate for low-income public housing residents in their legislatures as bill proposals come across their desks. They can demand more funding for low-income public housing; tap PCC and ask them to step up to the plate and fulfill their responsibility to residents/constituents. We invite community partners to suggest potential donors or new partners, who will aid in the effort of PTP to do its important work. We ask the media to investigate PCC’s negligence in dealing with resident concerns and interests. We ask you all to donate to PT Partners or, if so inclined, join the Anti-Oppression Task Force to be on the frontline in the work to advocate for resident rights.

Return the Gary Crooks Center to PT Barnum Residents!

Sign the petition here to return the Gary Crooks Center to residents’ use.

This memorial center was the home of vibrant Black cultural arts in Bridgeport with music, painting, camps, pottery, photography, and more. It was a creative, social, cultural, and political space for the entire community!

The arts community and residents of PT fought for this center in the 70s and after it was transferred to the housing authority it has been mainly used for Bridgeport Housing Authority’s administrative purposes. Residents want it back and demand that it be returned as a community center where children can thrive and grow!

The city of Bridgeport has few places where youth and families can be together safely, outside of their home. At PT Barnum housing it is even more crucial they have this space. There are troubles between young people from different neighborhoods and this impacts the safety of everyone who lives in the various neighborhoods. Families, specifically PT Barnum Apartments, in the Black Rock area, need a community center where people can gather and be neighbors.


In order to hold PCC accountable, the Anti-Oppression Task Force has the following demands:

  1. Remediate the mold in PT Apartments – after a comprehensive professional assessment of the 360 apartments/units to determine the affected units.
  2. Review, implement, and provide resources for a comprehensive and effective parking policy, developed by residents back in September 2018, with the obligation to provide all needed financial and human resources—a working group of PT residents, partners, and PCC staff—to get started March 27, 2020.
  3. Open the mailroom to residents by March 5, 2020 with keys or key card access;
  4. Conduct an audit of the trashcan situation, with a PCC refuse contractor, PT Site Manager, PT Maintenance staff, and PT Barnum Resident Council. This process should capture the needs of families at PT Barnum Apartments. Commit to providing all necessary resources to meet the reassessed and realistic needs.
  5. Allow the Resident Council to do its work of representing Apartment residents’ perspective during Commissioner meetings. Permit PT Barnum Apartment residents and leadership access to policies and regulations which govern their lives.
  6. Get PT Barnum Apartments’ community center returned to residents for use at their discretion by April 2.
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