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photo: Daniel @therecinoscompany.com

WPCA (quarterly meetings): 8 special meetings and 27.5 hours were spent meeting, advocating, and building Resident Leader awareness in PT Partners’ on going campaign to fight for Environmental Justice in PT Barnum Apartments’ neighborhood. During these meetings, we have made efforts to collaborate with Bridgeport’s Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA, a local sewage plant that shares a border with PT) on dealing with the pollution that affects the quality of the air in PT, and a design for the expansion of the plant that will benefit residents. Residents are focused on ensuring that the plant is safe, after the 1974 death of eight-year-old Gary Crooks in an uncovered sewage tank, and decades of living with the horrendous odors coming from the plant.

photo: Daniel @therecinoscompany.com

SAFETY (stopping the violence): 200 signatures were gathered from PT Barnum Apartments, the Charles F. Greene Homes, and Trumbull Gardens residents as a part of PT Partners’ petition specifically address violence in low-income public housing in Bridgeport. This petition will be sent to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Hartford, Connecticut office and will demand a response from housing.

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A resident-owned initiative for self-determination in low-income public housing.

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